Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Every Door Direct Mail® Delivers Sales

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM), a marketing service introduced by the USPS® last year, has had a positive impact on the sales growth of many businesses. With over 97 million pieces of EDDM mail produced since the service began, businesses across the country have success stories to share. Using the EDDM online tool, a business can send direct mailings that target specific areas in their local market without requiring names and addresses on the mail pieces which helps to reduce preparation costs and time significantly. It offers the ability to send direct mail efficiently and affordably with a postage cost of just under 15 cents apiece.

Send Direct Mailings That Target Specific Areas in your Local Market

Bath Max, a bathtub remodeling service in Bloomingdale, IL, is a great example of EDDM’s positive impact.* To drive more sales to their store, Bath Max had been sending postcards to nearby neighborhoods. Since they started using the EEDM service, they have seen a dramatic increase in store traffic and sales. In fact, the results have been so significant that Bath Max increased their mailings from 1,000 cards to about 80,000. All of these EDDM mailings were completed efficiently and affordably.

“It’s really working for us. The program is really bringing us some good leads. I like that I know right where they’re going.” says Sandy Hopkins of Bath Max

Another business that has publicized its EDDM success story is a pizzeria operated by Tom Nuscis in New Jersey. Like many other small businesses in 2010, Tom’s pizzeria was feeling the effects of a slow economy, compounded by the fact that his store is in a seasonal beach town, sales were on a decline. Tom decided to try traditional direct mail as he saw many of his competitors using it with good results. Traditional direct mail worked well, but the costs were on the high side. All of that changed once Tom began using EDDM. With the help of an outside marketing firm, Taradel, Tom was able to cut costs by as much as $0.10 per piece compared with the traditional method of mailing using a list. This meant savings of approximately one-thousand dollars on every mail campaign to ten thousand local homes and businesses.

"The $0.29 per home direct mail campaign from Taradel has been more than affordable, and more than effective. To date, from last year, our sales are up 47%," said the proud pizza owner.**

EDDM allows businesses to pro-actively target their local prospects and customers easily by Zip Codes, neighborhoods, or even specific mail routes. For more details on how your business can take advantage of this effective USPS® marketing service, visit


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**Tardel and NJ Pizzeria details from press release issued Feb 2012: