Ensure High Quality Data Across Your Entire Organization

Build and maintain the highest quality contact database that is accurate, complete and up to date.

Enhance your address records and enable more personalized communications

Take advantage of a unique combination of Professional Services, client software, pre-built database connectors, and Data Services from a single, trusted provider.

Let Satori do the heavy lifting – while leveraging years of experience and numerous implementations.

  1. Identify source databases
  2. Connect using Open Database Connectivity
  3. Read contact data
  4. Process data through the Satori Infuse Platform, running services such as Address Validation, Move Update, Apartment Append, Suppression Suite, Phone Information, Email Validation and more
  5. Return cleansed and updated data to your source databases

Satori Database Connector enables you to processes records through the Satori cloud-based Infuse platform using stored procedures for automated job scripting, so there’s no manual intervention required – simply set it and forget it!  

Satori Software’s cloud-based Infuse Web Services can quickly update customer records across multiple systems, maintains accuracy and enhances your records to enable more personalized direct marketing programs.

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