Which ink cartridge do I need to order for my mailing system?
Mailing System Part Number Type of Ink Cartridge
IJ-25 3300028D Standard
IJ-35/IJ-40/IJ-45/IJ-50/IJ-60 IJINK3456S Standard
IJ-35/IJ-40/IJ-45/IJ-50/IJ-61 IJINK3456H High-Capacity
IJ-65/IJ-70/IJ-75/IJ-80/IJ-85 IJINK678S Standard
IJ-65/IJ-70/IJ-75/IJ-80/IJ-86 IJINK678H High-Capacity
IS-330/IS-350 ISINK34 Standard
IS-280 ISINK2 Standard
IS-420 ISINK34 Standard
IS-440 ISINK34 Standard
IS-460 ISINK34 Standard
IS-480 ISINK34 Standard
IS-440 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-460 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-480 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-5000/IS-6000 IS56INK Ink Tank
IJ-90/IJ-110 4127025J Print Head
IJ-90/IJ-110 4127175Q Reservoir
IJ-110 4127176R Reservoir
IJ-15K IJ15KPH Print Head
IJ-15K 4133780V Reservoir
IJ-105 8100032H Twin Pack
I don't have a large enough volume of mail to consume all the ink in one year - what can I do to use more ink?

Great question! Does your company currently use the customized or pre-loaded ad slogan? This is one way to consume more ink on the envelope and really get your money’s worth from the ink cartridge, while providing your recipients with a marketing message. You can use this space for your company logo, tagline or a pre-loaded slogan like “Seasons Greetings” or the American Flag, etc. 


Contact Technical Support to find out how to use the pre-existing slogans in your machine or to order your own, customized logo.

What is the return policy for supply orders?

Un-opened and un-used supplies will be accepted for return within 90 days of the original purchase date. You will receive a credit to your Neopost account that can be used towards your next supply order or if you are a rental customer, towards your next rental invoice. Credits cannot be applied towards equipment lease payments. 

How long will it take to receive my supply order?

Neopost offers several shipping options (Orders placed after 2:00pm CST will be shipped the following business day.):

Ground: 5 - 10 business days
Priority: 2 - 3 business days
Express: 1 - 2 business days