National Postal Worker Day

July 1, 2015

Neopost USA is proud to host this forum to honor and recognize the men and women of the United States Postal Service® – mail carrier, administrator and executive – for their contributions to building the world’s strongest and most extensive delivery network.



Last year, these men and women diligently accepted, administered, managed and delivered more than 155 billion pieces of important mail. They are the personification of the mechanism America depends upon regularly to receive the 21st century’s most valuable commodity – corresponded information.


Neopost USA is happy to serve as a conduit for the American public to show its gratitude to the USPS. You are welcome to offer an appreciation, a reminiscence or a simple thank you here for letter carriers and the many other hard-working individuals behind the scenes who deserve acknowledgement.


About National Postal Worker Day

National Postal Worker Day was established in 1997 by a Seattle-area letter carrier who was passionate about honoring postal employees. Today, National Postal Worker Day is celebrated annually on July 1. It is a day specially designated for you to thank the United States Postal Service employees who serve you regularly and personally for their hard work, their dedication to their tasks and their interest in the communities they serve.


Source: Postal Facts 2015, United States Postal Service



America appreciates its postal workers. Here are all of the comments
Neopost USA has received:

"My parents’ letter carrier, Matt Sykes of the Warminster, PA, post office always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Our family is forever grateful for him."


"Appreciation to my postal worker is not just one instance. It’s the years of knowing that he and she were there to ensure our mail was delivered to us. It’s knowing that I have the one individual caring for my mail and postal needs; someone that is truly irreplaceable!"


"I am always reading or hearing in the news that a postal worker has saved the life of someone on his or her route. That, and all their work in local communities, definitely deserves a Happy Postal Worker Day message."


"I have seen postal workers in my neighborhood late at night making sure all the mail gets delivered and I want to thank them all for their hard work and dedication."


"There is nothing more special in today’s age of digital [communications] than receiving physical mail. Something that someone took time to pick out, purchase and write just for you. Bringing these items rain or shine, sleet or snow, to bring us joy is why postal workers deserve thanks."


"I want to say thank you to our mail carrier. She is an essential part of our daily routine as well as our community. She has been a part of our life journey – witness to marriage and now a growing family. It is so wonderful to have a kind, caring person that goes above and beyond the call of duty to support us and the community."


"Thank you for enduring 100+ degrees to bring me and my family the joy of receiving cards and correspondence from our friends and family!"


"The postal service has been a major part of U.S. history and remains an important part of the fabric of our communities. I know the bright smile and wave of our neighborhood postal worker always makes me feel connected to my community!"


"After many years of watching my uncle work in the Arizona heat as a USPS worker, it is great to see him retire happily! Thank you for all your hard work and taking time to take care of the people on your route."


"The Batman stamps are real popular in New York City. I couldn’t buy any at three different post offices in Manhattan. Same story at my last stop in the stamp quest, the Roosevelt Post Office on Third Avenue in midtown. Except the very helpful person behind the counter offered to track some down for me; she couldn’t believe there were none available. She asked a couple of coworkers, made a couple of phone calls and, voila, she tracked down a sheet of them somewhere in the building. My superhero-obsessed kids were very happy."


"My elderly mom and dad live in Southern California. They spend a lot of time outdoors on their porch every afternoon, often at the hour their local letter carrier arrives with the day’s mail. Naturally, they chat with the letter carrier each day. One day, my mom fell and my father couldn’t lift her off the ground by himself. The letter carrier arrived in the nick of time and helped my dad move my mom to her chair. So for that act of kind assistance, my family and I are grateful."


"I attended a convention two years ago at which one of the featured guest speakers was the then-head of the USPS’ Marketing department. Two things I remember about her presentation: her energy and her enthusiasm. She was dynamic and interesting and she injected an appropriate amount of humor into her remarks. I also remember how proud she was of the work the USPS was (and is) doing. Until I heard her speak, I never really thought of the USPS as a business entity; it was just this institution that was always around."


"I have had the same postal-women for the past five years. She is always a pleasure to deal with. She is very upbeat and enjoys her job."


"My parents are both postal workers and I've seen them trudge through some of the toughest weather ever to make sure people get their mail; and they do it with a smile on their face (even when it’s a blizzard with a wind chill of -30)! My mom even keeps specific dog treats for her different pet friends throughout her route. They really go all out!"


"My postal worker is great; always there in good weather and bad."


"I grew up in a small neighborhood in New York and, each year, my letter carrier would remember my birthday."


"Femi and Vangie Odeyemi are both employees of the USPS in the L.A., CA, area. Femi and I met almost 30 years ago in the U.S. Army. We have remained friends ever since. My hat is off to the both of you for the tremendous service you provide for this country. Love you guys."


"My postal carrier always takes time to say hello and sends a holiday card every year. He does a great job."


"My postal carrier was kind enough to walk the mail to the door during this past winter’s snow storms when the mail box was inaccessible."


"I grew up in a small neighborhood in New York and each year my mailman would always remember my birthday."


"Growing up, my friend’s father was a postal worker. He had a walking route. We are on the east coast, so he worked six days a week in snow, rain, heat and humidity. I remember camping out at her house for snow days (blizzards!) and seeing him come home from work with icicles in his beard, a smile on his face in his postal worker uniform, with a story about his route that day. He loved his job and the adventures he would have on his route. As a child, I thought of him as Santa Claus – a happy man with a beard who brought packages to people's houses!"


"We’ve had the same postal carrier since we purchased our home. He is like a neighbor and a friend, always there when we need him. Thanks to all the postal workers who make a difference in all of our lives!"


"I remember my carrier's name from where I grew up. I would always wait to get my birthday cards in the mail and Tom always presented them with a big smile."


"My dad, who passed away 10 years ago, was a dedicated postal worker for more than 30 years. He was my hero. He embodied loyalty, service and commitment – the qualities we still see in our local postal workers today. One of my earliest memories of him was when he studied his flash cards to memorize ZIP codes so he would know how to sort the mail. He always wanted to do things right to help others!"


"As the retired postmaster of the largest city in CT, I saw first-hand the dedication and commitment to serve our customers on a daily basis. One of my fondest memories was when we had a major snow storm and one of our carriers was pictured delivering his mail in front of a city plow. We had about 18 inches of snow yet our carriers went and delivered ahead of the roads even being cleared out. As a former carrier, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to deliver in terrible conditions (snow, wind, ice and hurricanes). So, thank you to every carrier, clerk and mail handler who helps move our mail every day."


"90-degree weather is coming and all the carriers delivering on foot will have it tough. Thanks for the efforts."


"I appreciate the friendly wave I get when my mail is delivered. Thanks."


"I'm sure you see this a lot, but let me say I've got the best postal carrier in the world. Lillie R. Smith does everything you could hope for from a postal carrier. I’m not just talking about “through the rain, sleet and snow...” I’m talking about the best business relationships are personal. Lillie R. Smith makes sure my mail is not visible to local thievery, comes to my door with packages, provides notification of items hidden from view and is always happy to give extra information to help me use the USPS® as effectively as possible. Recently, she recommended EDDM for my business."


"I’m sure you have lots of stories of the Lilly R. Smith’s of the world (or USA more specifically), but an occasional USPS employee that is less than satisfactory usually gets all the attention. I want to make sure that Lilly R. Smith does not go unnoticed. She’s been performing at a high level for a very long time and truly deserves recognition. She’s an incredibly valuable image of the USPS personified. Thank you, Lilly!"


"Thank you for all the hard work Post Office does. Congress needs to work with you and instead of working against you. Stay strong."


"Thank you all for your hard work. You make the concept of global community truly possible."


"My carrier, John, is like clockwork; always delivers on time whatever the weather."


"All the hard work done every day by the United States Postal Service® workers is greatly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for everything, USPS TEAM!!"


"I left a potted plant and a note for my postal worker who always complimented me and admired the flowers in my garden. She really appreciated it and still spoke about it several years later."


"I don’t have any specific stories. I just would like to thank all those who work within our postal service for their hard work and dedication."


"Working in a public school mailroom, there are tons and tons of mailings going out every day. We have our very own PO! They assist us, answer ANY questions and provide advice to better serve our students, tax payers, faculty and staff at our district. WE LOVE OUR POST OFFICE. Alief, TX."


"Back in the 1990s my mailman was the friendliest guy. Maybe too friendly. He and my wife had an affair. We divorced and they married. Years later, I can honestly say that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. They are still together and I am sure by now he is hoping that his mailman is a very friendly guy."