The USPS Worked Hard for Customers During the Holidays

The 2016 holiday season was a busy and successful one for the United States Postal Service®. I wanted to share some stats that emphasize the volume of work the Postal Service accomplished on behalf of its customers.

  • The USPS® surpassed its projections when it delivered more than 750 million packages during the holidays, according to recently released Postal Service figures.
  • The Postal Service delivered more than 34 million packages last December 19, the season’s busiest delivery day. Postal employees across the nation spent 1.1 million hours delivering mail and parcels on that day.
  • Postal employees drove more than 200 million miles during the peak holiday season – the equivalent of driving around the world 8,000 times.
  • San Francisco’s Napoleon Street delivery unit processed the most peak season packages.


It’s important to note that:

  • The USPS is doing much more business than it was projected to do five years ago.
  • Mail volume and revenue are strong. In fact, for the first time since 2009, the USPS processed as many pieces as it did the previous year.
  • The USPS has a strategy and the capability to grow its business. In 2017, the Postal Service is planning on capital investments of $1.9 billion to enhance its infrastructure. These enhancements include facility modifications, package processing equipment to meet the challenges of double-digit growth in the shipping and package services, the replacement of vehicles well past their life expectancy and more than a half a billion dollars in IT investments that include self-service kiosks for retail and enhancements to its scanning and tracking systems.
  • In 2017, the USPS will continue to pursue legislative changes, cost reductions and additional areas to generate new revenue streams. All these actions will provide the USPS the financial health and stability it needs to continue to play the vital role it does in the U.S. economy.


Vincent J. DeAngelis
Vice President, Postal Relations, and Shipping Product Management