Tired of your shipping costs going up and up?

Whether you send a few parcels a day or thousands of packages a week, when it comes to shipping, two things are certain: costs keep rising, and the rules keep changing. That’s why, for over 25 years, thousands of businesses world-wide have trusted Neopost solutions to make their shipping process, easy, efficient and economical.

Neopost parcel processing solutions consolidate shipping processes and optimize carrier selection to drive down costs. With Neopost receiving technology, companies can track the complete chain-of-custody for every package received.

parcel shipping software


Ship packages through any major carrier and prevent overspending by using Neopost’s comparison
shopping software.

In the modern supply chain, a multi-carrier strategy is a virtual necessity for controlling rising costs. With Neopost software, offices can mail or ship through the USPS®, FedEx® or UPS® using a single system equipped with automated service shopping. Enterprises can centralize shipping and enforce business rules for desktop shippers located anywhere in the organization, and warehouse shippers can achieve new levels of productivity.

parcel receiving and tracking


Manage inbound packages with complete tracking and accountability.

Quickly log and route packages using software and scanners that record the chain of custody from carrier drop off to internal delivery. For self-service environments, Neopost parcel locker systems securely store packages for easy consumer retrieval.