NeoReceipts: Turning Receipts into an Organized, IRS-compliant Online Archive

  • Receipt Organization : Precise scanning, OCR and human data verification
  • Business Card Management : Online contact lists exportable to CRM
  • Expense Reports : Send expense reports with receipt images from anywhere.
  • Mileage Tracking : Use your phone’s built-in GPS for unmatched ease and accuracy
  • Tax Preparation : Online organization with IRS accepted receipt images
  • Magic Envelopes : Fill prepaid envelopes with your piles of paper clutter

Go Paperless with Accurate, Verified Data

Get Perfectly Organized

Get Perfectly Organized

Your documents are automatically categorized and stored online. Create new categories or reuse existing ones. Documents are always available and easily retrievable online, at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Create reports in a few clicks.

Optimize Your Tax Deductions

Optimize Your Tax Deductions

Get IRS compliant images of your receipts that are securely stored and that you can retrieve at any time. Do not miss tax deductibles and spend less time preparing for taxes.

Turn Paper into Verified Digital Data

Turn Paper into Verified Digital Data

Save time by outsourcing the digitization and the verification of your paper receipts

While you can track your small business receipts using nothing more than a scanner and spreadsheet, you might consider using one of a number of online services. If you’re looking for reliable storage for digital tax receipts, consider Shoeboxed.

Lauren Simonds, Journalist, TIME

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