Which ink cartridge do I need to order for my mailing system?

Mailing System Part Number Type of Ink Cartridge
IJ-25 3300028D Standard
IJ-35/IJ-40/IJ-45/IJ-50/IJ-60 IJINK3456S Standard
IJ-35/IJ-40/IJ-45/IJ-50/IJ-61 IJINK3456H High-Capacity
IJ-65/IJ-70/IJ-75/IJ-80/IJ-85 IJINK678S Standard
IJ-65/IJ-70/IJ-75/IJ-80/IJ-86 IJINK678H High-Capacity
IS-330/IS-350 ISINK34 Standard
IS-280 ISINK2 Standard
IS-420 ISINK34 Standard
IS-440 ISINK34 Standard
IS-460 ISINK34 Standard
IS-480 ISINK34 Standard
IS-440 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-460 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-480 ISINK4HC High-Capacity
IS-5000/IS-6000 IS56INK Ink Tank
IJ-90/IJ-110 4127025J Print Head
IJ-90/IJ-110 4127175Q Reservoir
IJ-110 4127176R Reservoir
IJ-15K IJ15KPH Print Head
IJ-15K 4133780V Reservoir
IJ-105 8100032H Twin Pack